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Walking into D’Lox you notice that there are booths, tables, and bar seats. Not much unlike you’d find at another breakfast, lunch, and dinner diner. Though one look at the menu, which includes Crabcake Benedict, you realize that it is everything you wish your late night diner would be. I came in mid morning on a weekday and was met with no wait for seating. The restaurant had quite a few patrons, but was not full. Immediately upon being seated by our kind and attentive waiter my eyes were drawn to the modern interiors soft light and warm colors, as well as the open-view kitchen.

Our drink orders where taken swiftly and we were given ample time to look over the extensive menu before ordering. One benefit I found in waiting so long to eat here (and it’s a double edge sword, trust me. All the times I’ve driven past this place I could have been eating delicious food) is that they now serve their full menu all day. This meant I could still have breakfast!

I decided to go with the Veggannini pannini with a side of margarita lime fries ($7), as well as the huevos divorciados ($7). The Vegganini was more than I expected from a vegetarian sandwich. It contained mushrooms, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, spinach and red onions, with a sun dried tomato and pesto aioli smushed between two slices of grilled french bread. I loved this sandwich! They weren’t shy with the ingredients, every bite contained some of the gooey cheese, and flavorful veggies. My only problem with it was that it was very greasy. The melted cheese and pesto and sun dried tomato all made the sandwich very heavy though the pepperocini places on top helped if you took bites of it midway. My side, the margarita lime fries, were delicious, they had a small sprinkle of salt and black pepper. Unfortunately they were cold when came out but still crispy on the outside and the distinctive lime taste was present but not overbearing. I’d say the sandwich and fries were great portions for the price of the combo and I had to take half of my sandwich home.

The huevos divorciados were two eggs cooked any style (I chose overeasy) with half in a green sauce and the other half in salsa roja, topped with cheese and sour cream. It was flavorful with the eggs cooked as requested, though I thought the sauces could have been spicier (it does, however state on the menu that they are mild), each had a good flavor. Sides are 1 warm flour tortilla which didn’t taste like it came from a grocery store as well as chorizo potatoes. Looking at their facebook menu it says they come with a “flour tortilla, potatoes, and a choice of side.” I didn’t get the option of an extra side, and I’m not sure if their menu online is outdated but even if I had the choice of an extra side I would have asked for more potatoes. Not that the portion was too small but just that they were that good. The starch of the potatoes cut through the grease of the spicy chorizo to create a perfect flavor bomb. Layer some of the potato and eggs from the divorciados in the warm tortilla and you’ve got yourself a perfect breakfast burrito.

Small note on something I found strange was that there were no female servers to be seen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see men in Front of House positions and not just in the back, but still not something you see everyday. On my way out I had a brief chat with the owner about how long they’ve been open (a little over two months), she was very polite and let us know that they hold parties for groups of 20 and to spread the word. I will definitely be going back to make my way through the D’Lox menu, and will have to force myself out of the house on a Sunday to try their brunch. D’Lox is open Monday-Sunday from 7:30a.m.-3:00pm 

630 Sunland Park Dr

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