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Star City Kitchen and Bar

The sad thing about the restaurant business is that it often doesn’t work out. I’m sure we’ve all seen the popular show where the chef comes in and as a last ditch effort re-vamps the menu and the restaurant. Sometimes, even that doesn’t work and there’s a former business owner somewhere lamenting their choices. The plus side to that whole sob-fest is that the restaurants are usually replaced by something else, and if you’re lucky that something will be even better than what was once there before. El Paso, we are lucky.

No Fish was the contemporary wine and food spot located in the Kern district that closed down, and in it’s place we got Star City Kitchen and Bar. I’ve frequented Star City a few times since it’s opened over the summer. Boasting that you can eat 24/6 (as they are closed on Mondays), it has become a hot commodity for the bar and club goers in the Cincinnati area.

You’re sure to feel comfortable here with the low rider bikes hanging on the walls, and sting lights around palm trees outside. White stripes, and Foster the people can probably be found playing over the intercom, and you’re sure to be met with friendly faces. Star City has an eclectic menu that’s available all day.

If there were one thing I could say about this restaurant it would be: eat there. I went with the steak and eggs which comes with your choice of side & I picked their hash. This particular hash was with pico, but I’ve been on other occasions and the hash had tomatoes and onions and other veggies, so I’m going to assume that it changes daily. The steak and eggs ($12.89) was two eggs cooked to order (over-easy) and a reasonably sized steak. I ordered my steak medium-rare, though I think it was more on the rare side, it was still juicy, tender, and seasoned perfectly while being warmed all the way through, with a dallop of jalapeno topping. In my previous visits I’ve had the shrimp tacos, as well as their pork belly tacos and I would recommend them to anyone. Star City Kitchen is a place to watch out for, I can only see it getting better.

Star City Kitchen and Bar
2603 N. Mesa
(915) 307-4496

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